This is my first post in the blog and I wasn’t sure what to write or how to start but I would like to create a space of valuable information for people who are going to get married in Toronto.

In this blog, I would like to share information and add content from experts too. So people out there if you think you have something of value to share you can have some space here 🙂

Also, I would like to show the person behind Cristina Velasco Photography. Yes, that’s me. I am very accesible and easy going as a person but not as good for sharing my personal life in social media. But I’m really going to try to show what I like to do or show more of my personal life.

At the end, I always said that you have to “click” with your photographer and who knows, maybe we share the same hobbies and we like similar things. So having said that, my first post is going to be about…..ME!

For a very long time, a voice deep-down inside me was telling me to try to do wedding photography for a living. I’ve lived in several countries and I’ve always been a solo traveler but besides all of these amazing experiences, I was feeling lost in my career with my background in event management. When I first moved to Canada, I started an unpaid internship in a wedding studio. After that, I decided it was the right moment to invest in myself and pursued my dream. Since then, it’s been a lot of years of work and education. Investing all that I have in courses, conferences, equipment….. there is always room to learn and grow. So my why, I guess, is that I love it so much that I couldn’t avoid it.

We have to try to do what we love most. So I would like this post be an inspiration for people starting something new too. We have to be brave and be truth to ourselves, do whatever make us happy. Follow our dreams.

Apart from my photography world, I’m very outdoorsy so any plan that involves camping, hiking, running…I am in. Now I’m staring gardening but I realize how much I have to learn!

I literally get crazy when I spend more than one day at home. Thats why I gravitate towards adventurous-outdoorsy couples!! I really would like to share some photos with you, but I just realized that I’m always behind of the camera! This one has been taken from the Ramin DeRavian whom with sometimes I helped out as an assistant.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Cristina Velasco is a wedding photographer based in Toronto. She values telling your story in a candid way creating emotional imagines. She photographs weddings, elopements, engagement sessions and family sessions.

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