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I’m Cristina, yes, without the H, and I'm a Toronto photographer. I shoot weddings, elopements, families, maternity sessions and newborns. All kind of love and all kind of human connection.

I was thinking about what to include on this page, and I decided to make it a little bit more personal.

Here are some of my experiences and my thoughts.

And this is my family. I'm so lucky to have them.

I was born and raised in Spain and a lot of people asked me why I’m living in Toronto being from Spain? The answer is love. I arrived in 2015 and I just wanted to travel for a year, but you never know what life has in store for you. That year I met Julian, my soulmate. Since then we share our lives and now we have a little boy called Leo.

He is our entire world.

I have always been an adventurer by heart. Before settling down in Toronto, I lived in Italy, Panama, and Ireland. I think those experiences made me a better version of myself and make me believe that moments and experiences are the most valuable things. I also believe those experiences reflect in my work through my obsession for capturing real moments.

I love the mountain as much as the sea. Being in close contact with them and spending as much time as I can there makes my heart happy and my soul at peace.

Grandparents at weddings are my favourites. They make me feel vulnerable and emotional. I think they are a gift. My grampa, the one who I knew the most, died more than 10 years ago and I wish I had more memories through photos recorded with him.

We who have lost someone close to us know the infinite value of a portrait.

- My favourite plans are live music and being outdoors, camping, and hiking.

- I like craft beer, coffee, and cheese.

- Horror and suspenseful movies are my favourites.

- One day I'll be also a dog mum.

- Beginner snowboarder and a terrible surfer.

I think I can't even say that I'm a surfer but every time I had the opportunity I've tried.

- Love spontaneous plans.

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Toronto wedding photographer
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Toronto wedding photographer

If you had browsed for wedding photographers you've probably heard about the perfect match or ideal fit with the photographer. But what does it really mean?

From my point of view, I think our personalities matter and we should get along even if we have met in other circumstances. I’m going to be around you on one of the most important days of your life! So what’s important is that you feel comfortable with me and that we create a relationship where we share common values and you can trust me. Because if we vibe togethrer everything will flow better.

If you feel that can be you, please reach out and tell me as much as you can about you and your plans. I am also happy to share some in-person time with my potential clients and go for a coffee or a beer so let me know if you would like that too.

tell me more about you!


Cristina Velasco is a wedding photographer based in Toronto. She values telling your story in a candid way creating emotional imagines. She photographs weddings, elopements, engagement sessions and family sessions.

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