Toronto Newborn photography

The Toronto newborn session usually happens at home. You can also book a studio if you prefer that. The style of this session is very candid and relaxed. I believe a baby is more comfortable in your arms that’s, why I don’t do weird poses that will make things stressful for everyone. I think it’s important that we have the same approach.

The best time for this type of session is when your baby is between 7-10 days old, but if you decide to do it a little bit later, that’s okay too. When my baby was born, I had a long recovery so I didn’t feel in the right mood to book a formal session until 6 months. With this I want to say, do what’s right for you. There is no good or bad decision.

In this case, we took Sophia's portraits when she was approximately a month old. Your baby can be awake or asleep and if she or he needs to eat we can take as many breaks as you need. I’m the most flexible person when it comes to newborn sessions. Baby has the right to decide everything 🙂

If you are in this sweet stage of life and you want to document it please reach out to me and we can plan the session together. Your little one will grow up so fast and you will be so happy to have these forever.

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