These two had an wedding at Toronto City Hall. This is an ideal place for those couples who are looking to celebrate an intimate wedding in Toronto.

Their love story seems like it was taken out of a romantic novel. They fell in love just talking through the phone. Even before seeing each other. A common friend though that they would be a perfect couple and he exchanged their numbers. Moussa was living in Toronto and Sohkna in Senegal. After 7 months of a long distance relationship, they decided to meet up in Boston. Since then, both knew that they wanted to share their lives together. Several months later, they had an intimate Toronto City Hall wedding.default content for your text block

Can I get married at City Hall Toronto?

For those who are looking to get married at Toronto City Hall a good place to start at the official Toronto website Marriage Services. The first step is to apply for a marriage licence. You have to book an online appointment. Once you have it you can get married. Last step you will have to apply for the marriage certificate.

Portrait couple at city hall
Couple portrait at city hall
Couple entering city hall
couple getting married at city hall
Couple getting married at city hall toronto
Toronto city hall wedding
Toronto bride portrait

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